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Serenity7- "Reach For the Stars" (Cash Cash/Sonic Tribute Cover)

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Okay,so first of all,let me apologize for the long wait you guys had. It's kind of hard to come out with songs very often when you and your only band mate are separated by 800 miles and get busy a lot. But,we do what we can to try to make some great songs or covers to entertain you guys. This is another one of Jerry and I's Sonic the Hedgehog Tribute Covers. We could have worked on this a little more but,we felt like it would do. Jerry and I first started working on our "Reach For the Stars" cover back in June of 2011 or so and since then,it has gone through various different versions,instrumental changes,etc. "Reach For the Stars" was one of Jerry and I's favorites and we had to do a cover of it for sure. I thought the original was great but,it just seemed way too fast and chaotic and kind of drowned out the power of the song a bit. So,I talked with Jerry and we came up with a jammy,upbeat version with a slower tempo. I also decided I was gonna sing this naturally versus the vocoder used in the original song because I wanted people to hear how Jerry and I sounded as a band and what originality we could give to the song. Jerry came up with the guitar solo and did all of the mixing and did a great job with it. I don't know what else to say besides it's been a long almost 2 years in the making of this thing,hope you guys enjoy it. =) ~CJ

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