Posted on Tuesday 11 September 2012 - 17:41:13 in Misc by admin

Serenity Seven- What I'm Made Of

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Alright everyone,Serenity Seven is back with another Sonic jam! This is our remix of "What I'm Made Of" featuring Shelbi Winstead of xTrickyWolfy. We hope that you guys enjoy what we've got of it and be looking forward to more great things, This was the first time Jerry and I have actually collaborated and it worked out pretty well. I do have to say that the song is a little different and some of you may not like it since we completely changed the atmosphere of the song from Crush 40's fast paced rock to a slow,mystical sounding ballad. But,we just decided to show you what we're really made of (pun intended) by trying to make you something different,but still a bit cool since we were actually working with a remixer (Shelbi) anyway. That's why I decided to actually call it a remix. If you guys actually want a rocking version of this song,just leave a comment and we'll try to work on a cover similar to Crush 40's. We thank you guys for your support and if you're new to our music/remixes,please subscribe to get the latest releases and details. Until our next song release,everyone take care and God bless