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Serenity Seven Demo EP Digital, Physical, and T-Shirts

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Our DigitalEP album "Escape Plan" is available on band camp for a chump change of $3.99
Physical copies and T-Shirts are available at the moment but I'm only using Paypal at the moment and Cash locally.
These are the Prices at the moment, I finalize them before I sale.

*(Shirts have same design on black and white)
Shirt Sizes in Black & White in these Sizes

Small Large Medium Large X-Large XX-Large

Shirt- 13$
CD- 5.99$
Shirt & CD Combo-($19 Locally) ($24 Shipped)

Thanks Everyone
-Jerry & Cody

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Serenity Seven- Endless Possibility (Sonic Tribute Cover)

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Here is our latest to get finished. Hope you all enjoy!

We will be playing LIVE at Sonic Revolution on Sunday, June 15th,2014 sometime between 10AM-6PM at
"The Marquis Room at the Holiday Inn Buena Park"
7000 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, California 90620

Tickets will be put up for grabs on March 1st,2014. Tickets will be FREE and obtained via EventBrite
Help Raise Money for Sonic Revolution

We will have Serenity Seven T-shirts and our first original album up for sale there! Our playlist for the event will be composed of mostly Sonic covers with a few original songs thrown in the mix. Come out to see us perform live and get an opportunity to meet us after the show to get pictures and signatures! We would be glad to meet you! See you there!

No copyright infringement intended. This is a remix not intended for any financial gain but for entertainment purposes only. Sonic the Hedgehog,related characters,and music are copyright of Sonic Team/SEGA. Original song from Sonic Unleashed/Sonic World Adventure performed by Tomoya Ohtani, Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup, ect. So please support the original artists....thank you. =)
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Serenity Seven goes to Sonic Boom 2013

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first of, sorry ahead for the shaky camera especially while we were in the crowd, I wasn't really worried much about recording with camcorder than i was taking pictures and having fun. Also there were more Crush 40 songs played but battery wasn't gonna let me get all of it. We had a blast though.
Credit for Pics are
Me -Jerry
Jaime Wester
Jonathan 'Blue' Cupples
Zack Farrar
Christopher Kimble
hope I'm not forgetting anyone.
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Serenity7- "Reach For the Stars" (Cash Cash/Sonic Tribute Cover)

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Download Link:

Okay,so first of all,let me apologize for the long wait you guys had. It's kind of hard to come out with songs very often when you and your only band mate are separated by 800 miles and get busy a lot. But,we do what we can to try to make some great songs or covers to entertain you guys. This is another one of Jerry and I's Sonic the Hedgehog Tribute Covers. We could have worked on this a little more but,we felt like it would do. Jerry and I first started working on our "Reach For the Stars" cover back in June of 2011 or so and since then,it has gone through various different versions,instrumental changes,etc. "Reach For the Stars" was one of Jerry and I's favorites and we had to do a cover of it for sure. I thought the original was great but,it just seemed way too fast and chaotic and kind of drowned out the power of the song a bit. So,I talked with Jerry and we came up with a jammy,upbeat version with a slower tempo. I also decided I was gonna sing this naturally versus the vocoder used in the original song because I wanted people to hear how Jerry and I sounded as a band and what originality we could give to the song. Jerry came up with the guitar solo and did all of the mixing and did a great job with it. I don't know what else to say besides it's been a long almost 2 years in the making of this thing,hope you guys enjoy it. =) ~CJ

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Serenity Seven's Official YouTube Page Has Been Created!

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Hello,everyone. Cody James here to let you guys know that the official Serenity Seven YouTube page has been created. So,to get the most out of the latest news and completed songs go to and subscribe!
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Serenity Seven- What I'm Made Of

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Download Link

Alright everyone,Serenity Seven is back with another Sonic jam! This is our remix of "What I'm Made Of" featuring Shelbi Winstead of xTrickyWolfy. We hope that you guys enjoy what we've got of it and be looking forward to more great things, This was the first time Jerry and I have actually collaborated and it worked out pretty well. I do have to say that the song is a little different and some of you may not like it since we completely changed the atmosphere of the song from Crush 40's fast paced rock to a slow,mystical sounding ballad. But,we just decided to show you what we're really made of (pun intended) by trying to make you something different,but still a bit cool since we were actually working with a remixer (Shelbi) anyway. That's why I decided to actually call it a remix. If you guys actually want a rocking version of this song,just leave a comment and we'll try to work on a cover similar to Crush 40's. We thank you guys for your support and if you're new to our music/remixes,please subscribe to get the latest releases and details. Until our next song release,everyone take care and God bless
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Serenity Seven- Escape From the City Cover Up NOW

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After spending quite a bit of time in the final mixing process, weare proud to present to all of you the first Serenity Seven song released! Well,not really,since it IS technically a cover song. This is our cover/version of "Escape From the City" from Sonic Adventure 2. As Sonic fans,we thought it would be a good idea to cover a few of our favorite songs from the franchise that inspired us musically. This is the first of many that we'll be releasing. So,write a comment and tell us what you guys think. We hope you like it and be awaiting the next release soon! =) Also,subscribe to us on Youtube and spread the word about us if you want. =)
Download mp3 in a zip file Click to Download
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Serenity Seven Debut Song Previews!!!

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Just a little treat for you guys. =) A few samples of some songs that we have been working on at the moment. Some of them are at the prototype stage while others are almost near completion! Subscribe to SerenitySevenMusic to keep updated on the final versions of the songs! All of the cover songs that you hear belong to their original artists and can originally be found in a variety of Sonic the Hedgehog video games. ;)

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Escape from the City Cover

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Me and Cody have been working on a Escape from the City cover. Here's a preview.

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Time to Touch the Sky (Acoustic Demo)

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Download Link:
time_to_touch_the_sky_acoustic_demo.mp3 <-right click Save as
Please Support Me and I'll Keep Giving Out Free Downloads. =)

So,I decided to pull out my guitar and record an acoustic version of the actual version of "Time to Touch the Sky". The band version will be up later so be sure to check it out. Be sure to subscribe,favorite,share,and comment! Also,check out my facebook at for the latest updates on music. =)